Susan Darvishi: five years in New York in the 14th and 4th

First generation, born in America and sitting in the back of her Iranian parents’ car, driving through northern Virginia as they all sing “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” from the Bee Gees.

Times like these are when Susan Darvishi started to feel connected to the music around her. And with his first album 14th and 4th, released on May 26, she is able to resume her relationship with music and tell the stories of the past five years living in New York City on the 14th and 4th, before moving to California.

Susan davishi
Susan darvishi

Of the eight songs on the album, she is able to cover five years of emotion living in the ever-noisy heart of New York City. Whether it’s falling in love in town (“Polaroid” or “Dance With You”), respecting the girls’ code and internal struggles with a broken heart (“Him” and “No Choice”), or the sweet and bitter farewells that you have to do in order to start a new chapter (“New Salvation” and “Drift Away”), Davishi is able to tell his stories beautifully through the songs on this album.

Darvishi the loud voice goes noticeably well with the beats, giving most of his songs an upbeat and fun electronic pop sound. This is said with the exception of “No Choice” and “Drift Away” where she is able to step away from her other songs and use slower electric sound to really show off her strong voice and meaningful lyrics.

Of his “love [of] Latin music I listen to in my spare time “and then” Persian music I listen to with my family “she says” sometimes these two get mixed up. They love fast rhythms. These music influences can be heard especially in songs such as “Him” which is a very upbeat song with almost a sound of Persian music.

This album has a really good mix of upbeat songs that make you want to get up and dance to songs that give you time to reflect on some of your past chapters. His sound is similar to that of artists such as Robyn and the sky seems to be the limit of his musical career.

The stories in his songs about his time in New York always feel like they relate to a period in your life and manage to always be very relatable. Since quitting her job in New York City to pursue her career in music just before Covid hit, she hasn’t been able to perform live, but she is just as excited as her listeners for it to happen. ‘she begins to perform on stage in front of an audience free of Covid.

Key tracks: Drift away, him, no choice

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