Taliban ban gender in Herat as girls return to classrooms, South Asia News

According to some reports, the Taliban have banned coeducation in government and private universities in Herat.

Khaama Press reported that the decision was made after a meeting between professors, owners of private institutions and Taliban leaders.

To concern:

Reports indicated that female teachers would be allowed to teach only female students, not male students. The representative of the Taliban and director of higher education in the country, Mullah Farid is said to have said that diversity is the “Root of all the evils of society”.

Reports had earlier claimed that women were asked to return from their workplace as the militant group took control of the country.

The Taliban spokesman had said earlier in the week that women “can get education from primary to higher education – that is, university,” however, the spokesperson activist group Zabihullah Mujahid added that this should be in line with Islamic law.

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Another Taliban spokesperson, Suhail Shaheen, said that women “can receive education from primary to primary school. Higher Education it means university “.

Girls reportedly returned to classrooms wearing hijabs when schools reopened in Herat this week. Herat is a key trade town close to the Iranian border and lies along the ancient Silk Road famous for its poetry and arts.

Reports have indicated that the Taliban in Kunduz allowed the education of women, but under strict standards of gender segregation. The teachers were reportedly not allowed to work alongside the men.

The Taliban have also reportedly banned music or singing in Kunduz, as some reports claimed women started wearing the burqa out of fear.

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