Tehran Museum Discovers Treasure of Iranian Artwork on Nezami Ganjavi

TEHRAN – The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) is hosting an exhibition featuring a collection of Iranian artworks on Persian poet Nezami Ganjavi.

The museum has also borrowed works of art from collectors for the showcase titled “Panj Ganj” (“Five Treasures”).

Opening on Saturday evening with a special musical performance by the Avay-e Mehr ensemble alongside Japanese artist Noriyuki Haraguchi’s “Oil Pool”, the exhibition borrows the title of Khamseh, the pentalogy of Nezami also known as the name of Panj Ganj (Five Treasures).

Works by great names in Iranian art such as Gholam-Hossein Nami, Farmarz Pilaram, Monir Farmanfarmaian, Ali-Akbar Sadeqi, Sadeq Tabrizi, Hossein Mahjubim Kurosh Shishegaran, Mohammad Ehsai, Sohrab Sepehri, Mohammad-Baqer Aqamiri and Yaqubi Emdadian have been chosen for the exhibition, which will last until May 8.

“When we were gathering the artworks for the exhibition, I noticed that there were few artists who had created works on Nezami,” TMCA Director Ehsan Aqai said at the ceremony. opening of the exhibition.

“The artists whose works were selected for the exhibition studied in the schools which paid more attention to Persian poetry and literature, but due to the current method of education, the younger generation of artists is not associated with literature,” he added.

He proposed that art schools and academies pay more attention to literature “so that the country may witness an increase in the number of works of art representing the depth of Persian literature”.

Speaking at the ceremony, Assistant to Iran’s Culture Minister Mahmud Shalui, who is also the director of a commemoration program for Nezami, also lamented the lack of attention to Persian literature in art. modern Iranian.

He pointed to Esfand 21 on the Iranian calendar year, which is celebrated every year as Nezami Day, and said, “This day was dedicated to the celebration of Nezami Ganjavai. However, we have not done enough to promote the great poet.

He proposed that a permanent secretariat be set up to seek more intensive commemoration programs for Nezami in future years.

Iran commemorates Nezami Ganjavi in ​​a week-long program, which began on Esfand 21 of the Iranian calendar year (March 12), celebrated by Iran as Nezami Day.

This year’s celebration for Nezami Day, which will last for a week, includes special events that Iran is organizing in response to false claims made by the Republic of Azerbaijan about the Iranian poet.

Pictured: Assistant to Iran’s Culture Minister Mahmud Shalui (L) and a number of artists visit the Five Treasures exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran on March 12, 2022. (Honaronline/Gatha Ziatabari)


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