The best shows on Apple TV +

The best thing about Apple TV +? The range of shows it offers. The worst with Apple TV +? Choose what to watch from the range of shows on offer. It is a universal experience.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back and have rounded up some of the best things to watch on Apple TV + right now.

From musical entertainment to hard-hitting documentaries, Apple TV + has you sorted for days when it’s a little too cold and dark to leave the house, which, let’s be honest, means most of the time these days.

Schmigadoon musical!  stars Keegan-Michael Key and Cecily Strong.
Schmigadoon musical! stars Keegan-Michael Key and Cecily Strong.


A parody of the musicals of the golden age of the 1940s and 1950s, this musical series follows a couple on a backpacking trip who discovers a city where everyone behaves as if they were in a musical.

Defend Jacob

Based on the 2012 novel of the same name, the series tells the story of a family whose perfect image is shattered when their son is accused of murdering his classmate. Although the family maintains Jacob’s innocence, as more and more revelations surface, they must choose between loyalty and justice.

Ted lasso

Everyone has this feeling of starting a new job and wondering if you really have what it takes to fill the role. However, for Ted Lasso, it is less a fear than a fact as he goes from the coach of a small American college football team to the coach of a Premier League club. We are sure that everything will be fine … is not it?


Set in a dystopia in the distant future where a virus has decimated humanity (we’re not kidding), the 2 million surviving humans have lost the ability to see and must find new ways to survive. However, when a set of twins are born with the ability to see, their father must protect them from a queen who wants them dead.

Reese Witherspoon will be back for the second season of The Morning Show.
Reese Witherspoon will be back for the second season of The Morning Show.

The morning show

In the context of #MeToo and told through the lens of two successful and career-motivated women working in television, The morning show is a great exploration of power dynamics in the workplace. With Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, what more could you ask for?

The second season will be released on September 17.

Octavia Spencer plays real crime podcaster Poppy Parnell in Truth Be Told.
Octavia Spencer plays real crime podcaster Poppy Parnell in Truth Be Told.

The truth must be told

We all kinda like real crime but The truth must be told pushes this fascination a little further. When real-crime podcaster Poppy Parnell is asked to investigate the case of convicted killer Warren Cave – a man she blamed – she must navigate the lines of innocence and guilt as ‘he admits to having been charged with the crime.


Starring Rose Byrne, this dark comedy follows the life of Sheila Rubin, a dissatisfied housewife who jumps on board the 1980s aerobics trend and discovers her transformative power.


If you’re looking for a new psychological thriller, look no further. Following the death of their 13-week-old son, a Philadelphia couple’s marriage is strained. To cope with their grief, they undergo therapy using a reborn doll to remedy Dorothy’s psychotic episodes. But when she begins to believe the doll is her child and hires a nanny to take care of her, their home opens up to an extremely mysterious force.

The me you can’t see

Produced by Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry, The me you can’t see highlights the realities of mental health. Accompanied by stars including Lady Gaga, the series features familiar faces opening up to their relationships with illnesses such as OCD, anxiety and depression.

Hailee Steinfeld as poet Emily Dickinson in coming-of-age movie Dickinson.
Hailee Steinfeld as poet Emily Dickinson in coming-of-age movie Dickinson.


Emily Dickinson is more than a name in a GCSE English Literature anthology, as this comedy series proves. Set in the 19th century, the show tells the story of Emily’s coming of age and stages her life as a young rebellious poet.

Visible: on television

A mini-series in five parts, Visible: on television examines LGBTQ + representation on the small screen, featuring a series of famous faces to bring the issue to life. Exploring topics such as homophobia, the Stonewall Riots, and the progression of portrayal and attitudes, the documentary is a must-see.


Based on the French series of the same name, Calls is an immersive TV experience that uses audio and minimal visuals to tell nine short stories. Each episode promises to be deeply creepy, with seemingly unrelated phone conversations forming a unique and disturbing drama.

Losing Alice

Another psychological thriller to add to the list, Losing Alice follows a director as she develops an obsession with a screenwriter. Using flashbacks and flashforwards, the show immerses you in Alice’s conscious and subconscious, revealing her moral integrity and desire for power. Based on the German legend Faust, Losing Alice explores the complexities of jealousy and guilt.

Rafe Spall and Esther Smith in Trying.
Rafe Spall and Esther Smith in Trying.


Prepare the handkerchiefs, because this one will make you cry (with laughter and sadness). When Jason and Nikki find out that they are unable to conceive, they make the decision to adopt. But since their lives are far from perfect – thanks to their eclectic friends and family – it is up to the adoption panel to determine if they are suitable parents.

Central park

From animated sitcom turned musical, Central Park tells the story of the Tillermans – a family of caretakers who live and work in Central Park. Created by the writers of Bob’s Burgers as well as the writer of Frozen, what’s not to love?

Charlotte Nicdao, Rob McElhenney and Derek Waters in the second season of Mythic Quest.
Charlotte Nicdao, Rob McElhenney and Derek Waters in the second season of Mythic Quest.

Mythic Quest: The Raven’s Banquet

From the creators of It’s always nice in Philadelphia, Mythic Quest is one hell of a sitcom. A workplace comedy set in a video game studio, the series follows the company in its battle against the games industry. Trust us, it’s good. Like, really good.


Tamar is a hacker-agent whose first mission is to assume a false identity and infiltrate Tehran by deactivating an Iranian nuclear reactor. But when her mission fails, she gets stuck in the fake life she created.

Mr. Corman

In this comedy-drama, Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a fifth-grade teacher who navigates life while coming to terms with the fact that he might never be successful as a professional musician, dealing with the anxieties that come with the pressure. to find peace. and happiness in adulthood.

For all mankind

If science fiction is your thing, then this is for you. The series features an alternate story in which the global space race never ended after the moon landing and sheds light on the lives of NASA astronauts and the effects this calling has on their families.

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