The calligraphy debate ends

LAHORE: The final workshop and closing ceremony of the second international Sarir-e Khama “Art of the Pen” conference took place late here the other day in the historic Senate Hall of the Punjab University College of Art and Design.

On the last day of the event, a large number of people interested in calligraphy, college professors, students and teachers from other colleges and universities participated in learning calligraphy from domestic and international calligraphers.

Two sessions were organized for the participants with calligraphers from Turkey and other countries. Senior Prof. Dr. Sumera Jawad gave the welcome speech to the attendees and eminent calligrapher Prof. Irfan Qureshi joined the event as an expert. Baitul Eser, an expert in the modern and unique style of calligraphy, combined with the Ebru technique, taught the audience calligraphy in the marbled style.

Iranian calligraphers Dr. Kazim Khorasani and Mahsa Divacci enhanced participants’ knowledge of calligraphy on the second day of the workshop. During the second session, the participants followed a workshop on the rules and procedures of the Nastaliq style. Khalid Mehmood Siddiqui, Jameel Hassan Nafisi and Wajid Mehmood Yaqut Raqam gave a workshop on Lahori Nasta’liq and Ismatullah Saeedi gave a workshop on Shakista Nasta’liq and Arif Khan and Muneeb Ali gave a workshop on Modern Calligraphy Style. Lieutenant General (Retired) Humayun Khan Bangash was the special guest.

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