The discovery of the Vedas by IIT Kharagpur in its calendar for 2022

Come new year and we want to secure a good diary or calendar. These simple devices give a sense of control in the days and months to come.

Various almanacs and panchangs have been used for over two millennia. Calendars are relatively new, a tool for industrial society to mark the holidays. Calendars around the world are known to have promoted gods and goods, cults and cultures, brands and body lines, as well as visual arts and antiques. Rarely is a calendar designed to destroy the object it seeks to promote.

I was surprised to see one for 2022 that achieves this rare feat. it comes from a leading institute, the first among the IITs. The ‘IIT-Kharagpur‘was established in 1951 with Sir JC Ghosh as its first director and a board of governors which included, among others, eminent scientists such as BC Roy and SS Bhatnagar.

Its vision was to “produce global leaders in science, technology and management” and “to be a hub of knowledge creation”. The horizons of knowledge he set for himself were global. Over the past seven decades, IIT-Kharagur has often ranked among the best institutes of technology in the world. Sadly, he now seems to display a desire to please RSS at the cost of contradicting his vision statement.

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