The La Gacilly photo festival honors the works of Iranian photographers

TEHRAN — The works of four Iranians are exhibited at the La Gacilly Photo Festival, a vast international outdoor exhibition held annually in the city in northwestern France.

Collections from Maryam Firuzi, Gohar Dashti, Ebrahim Noruzi, Hashem Shakeri and photographers from around the world will be on display at the festival, which will run until September 30.

Firuzi participates in the festival with photos from his “Persian Identities” series. A photo of the collection decorates the festival’s homepage.

“In my opinion, all artistic media are linked,” she had previously said in an interview with Paris Photo, when the Silk Road Gallery in Tehran presented her work.

“All of these art forms influence my photography in different ways; calligraphy taught me discipline and dedication, painting taught me freedom of expression, and literature taught me how to develop ideas and articulate them.

The woman occupies a central place in her works which explore her universe, that of present-day Iran, in which the place of the woman is necessarily complex.

Works from different series of Dashti are exhibited in a collection called “Fragments of Memories”.

Born in Iran near the border with Iraq, Dashti, 42, depicts elements of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War in her artwork.

“This conflict had a strong symbolic influence on the emotional life of my generation,” she said.

In her “Today’s Life and War” series, Dashti captures moments illustrating a duality: that of life going on despite the ravages of war.

“In a fictional battlefield, I show a couple in their daily lives: they represent the power of perseverance, determination and survival,” she noted.

Noruzi’s photos are exhibited under the title ‘Deceptive Daydreams’.

The winner of several World Press Photo Awards, Noruzi is an established journalist and an outspoken conservationist.

Two series by Noruzi are exhibited at La Gacilly, testifying to a photographic style that could be described as daydreaming about the ravages of global warming.

The first takes us to Lake Urmia, one of the largest salt lakes in the world, which is in danger of disappearing in the near future.

The second series looks at the relationship between people and water resources in his country.

Shakeri exhibits her photos in a collection called “Sandy Landscapes”. Most of the images come from one of his series, which features the new satellite towns emerging from the desert to house Iranians forced to leave Tehran due to soaring land prices and increasingly difficult living conditions. .

Created in 2004, the La Gacilly Photo Festival offers its annual visitors an immersive and strolling experience in the heart of some thirty open-air galleries and in large format, presenting the best of contemporary photographic creation with a permanent concern for artistic requirement.

The canvases, sometimes around 70 square meters, adorn the streets, gardens and alleys of La Gacilly, transforming it into a “Village in Images”.

Photo: A photo from the “Deceptive Daydreams” series by Iranian photographer Ebrahim Noruzi presented at the La Gacilly Photo Festival, France.


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