The most anticipated music competition on VOD this fall

Biggest band music competition to host bands from all over Iran

The competition had more than a thousand groups registered and a total of one hundred and ten groups chosen by the selection committee to participate in the audition phase.

Bandbazi will be hosted by Omid Hajili; one of the best-known artists in Iran, as well as carefully chosen judges from Alireza Assar, Omid Nemati, Mehraveh Sharifinia and Behrooz Saffarian.

Nima Bank is the director of the contest which comes in the form of a TV show

The director of Nima Bank and producer of Bandbazi describes the contest as “the easiest path to stardom”. Bank is best known for its business achievements in Iran with over twenty-five years of experience in the field. He has also directed feature films and television shows and has repeatedly shown his visual prowess.

At the age of 16 and still a student, Nima Bank began his artistic career as a still photographer and actor in the film industry and went on to direct mini-series and feature films for National Television of Iran. He has directed and produced TV commercials in Iran, Dubai, Turkey, Sri Lanka and France, and with “Nimad International Creative House” he had the country’s largest production house for many years. He also produced a collection of short films for “Sam Service”; Samsung’s official customer service in Iran, which will be released this year.

Filmnet, founded in 2014, is a recently rebuilt and currently active VOD service in the country of Iran with thousands of Iranian movies and TV shows ready to stream.

Bandbazi is one of the most anticipated TV shows and Filmnet subscribers can look forward to watching the biggest band contest this fall.

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