The Untold Truth of Maggie Gyllenhaal

Since Maggie and her brother Jake Gyllenhaal are known to the public, she insists there is no sibling rivalry between them. “He’s one of my best friends and I absolutely adore him,” she said in 2014, which The Guardian called “one of her running responses.” When asked about Jake’s comments on “The Lost Daughter,” she told Elle, “He’s full of love, as a critic, which is one of the reasons I sometimes ask him for his opinion.”

For his part, Jake admitted to Esquire that although he and his sister are now close friends, he “can’t say that at every stage of our relationship.” However, although they probably fell out like most siblings do, their bond has always been strong. “In a weird way, I spent my childhood watching her,” Jake said of Maggie, “Watching her. It’s just wonderful” (via Us). He told People the thought of his sister winning an Oscar for “The Lost Daughter” brought him to tears, saying, “I was just amazed and beyond proud of the movie she made. And then the response, just amazing. She just did something so honest.”

In 2022, Jake hinted that he and his sister were collaborating on a new project. “We’re working on something together right now, just creatively, not as actors, which I appreciate so much,” he told InStyle.

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