“This Pale” by Shujaat Khan, an ode to Rumi’s poems

“This Pale” by Shujaat Khan, an ode to Rumi’s poems

Bombay: Classical legend, composer and sitarist Shujaat Husain Khan and acclaimed Iranian-American singer Katayoun Goudarzi give new urgency to Rumi’s age-old love poems on their latest album ‘This Pale’ which will be released on October 1.

Grammy-nominated sitar player Shujaat Khan, singer Katayoun Goudarzi, Iranian player Ney Shaho Andalibi and fifth-generation tabla player from the Thirakwa lineage Shariq Mustafa came together to create the album.

They forged an unlikely whole that challenged the boundaries of lockdown and cultural differences to bring new urgency to Rumi’s centuries-old words of wisdom.

They say “This Pale” is a new multicultural take on an old tale. The ecstatic poems of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, a 13th-century Persian mystical bard and Sufi master, have always championed tolerance, love and inclusion.

Shujaat Khan is a sitar player from Imdadkhani ‘gharana’ (music school). He has recorded over 60 albums and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best World Music Album for his work with the Ghazal group and Iranian musician Kayhan Kalhor.

Khan also sings frequently. His sitar style of play, known as ‘gayaki ang’, aims to mimic the human voice.

Katayoun Goudarzi is a singer known for maximizing the musical qualities of classical Persian poetry by using different styles of song and recitation.

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