“Utopianism” by Lyman Tower Sargent published in Persian

TEHRAN – Iranian publisher Afkar, based in Tehran, recently published a Persian translation of American scholar Lyman Tower Sargent’s book “Utopianism: A Very Short Introduction”.

Mohammad Nasravi is the translator of the book originally published by Oxford University Press in 2010.

There are many debates about what constitutes a utopia. Are utopias benign or dangerous? Is the idea of ​​utopianism essential to Christianity or a heretic? What is the relationship between utopia and ideology?

In this brief introduction, Lyman Sargent, one of the leading scholars in the field of utopian studies, explores these questions and examines utopianism and its history, discussing the role of utopianism in literature and in the development of colonies and in immigration.

The idea of ​​utopia has become mainstream in social and political thought, both negatively and positively.

Sargent notes that some thinkers see a trajectory from utopia to totalitarianism, with violence an inevitable part of the mix.

Others see utopia directly linked to freedom and as a necessary element in the struggle against totalitarianism.

In Christianity, utopia is referred to as both a heretic and a fundamental part of Christian belief, and such debates are also at the heart of fields such as architecture, town and city planning, and the sociology, among others. Sargent addresses all of these questions in this clear and compact introduction.

Photo: Cover of the Persian version of the book “Utopianism” by Lyman Tower Sargent.


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