Webinar on the historical and cultural interactions of Iran and Georgia due

The academics and experts who will deliver their speeches at the event are:

From Iran:

Mahmoud Jafari-Dehaghi; Department of Ancient Iranian Languages ​​and Culture, University of Tehran, Head of the Society for Iranian Studies.
Speech title: Some common Iranian and Georgian words

Goudarz Rashtiani; Department of History, University of Tehran
Speech Title: Georgia and Georgians in Iranian Archives

Mohamad Reza Sahab; President of Sahab Geographic and Drafting Institute
Speech Title: Life and Works of the Famous 18th Century Georgian Cartographer: Prince Vakhushti Bagrationi

From Georgia:

Alexander Chulukhadze; Head of the Department of Oriental Studies, University of Georgia
Speech title: Definition of the periods of influence of Iranian languages ​​and Persian literature on Georgian culture

Nikoloz Nakhutsrishvili; Principal investigator of the Institute of Oriental Studies G. Tsereteli
Speech Title: Iranian Studies at the G. Tsereteli Institute for Oriental Studies: Achievements and Prospects

George Sanikidze; Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies G. Tsereteli
Speech title: Presentation of the jubilee volume: G. Tsereteli Institute of Oriental Studies-60, Selected Papers 1960-2020, Ilia State University Press, Tbilisi 2020.

For more information and to attend the webinar, visit: www.iranistik.com

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