WFG’s MyHome solution integrates borrowers from the start of the real estate process, improving their experience

Since its founding in 2010, WFG National Title Insurance Company has strived to advance the real estate, mortgage and securities industries, adding greater efficiency and accuracy to processes and a vastly improved consumer experience. .

In a recent industry survey, WFG Enterprise Solutions identified that the top concerns in this multi-faceted industry include:

  • Ineffective processes
  • Communication, signing and closing issues
  • Data quality

Addressing these key issues is at the heart of WFG’s MyHome design and continues to be the driving force behind every improvement.

WFG Enterprise Solutions launched MyHome Exchange as a way to engage borrowers early on in the real estate process. It dramatically improves the consumer experience by providing a convenient, secure and intuitive self-service ecosystem that increases operational capacity by reducing application shutdown times, eliminating operational redundancies and improving lender throughput, which results in more closed loans.

As a complete end-to-end solution, WFG’s MyHome supports the entire transaction continuum from data collection to close. It allows for early and clear communication and greater transparency throughout resale and refinancing transactions. MyHome also streamlines the checkout process and increases throughput by eliminating duplicate touchpoints, enabling proactive communication, and facilitating the collection, storage and sharing of data and documents.

By connecting transaction participants and dramatically improving the consumer experience with added convenience, security, transparency and intuitive self-service, WFG’s MyHome offers borrowers and buyers an unparalleled experience.

This solution includes personalized communications with direct text, email and dashboard notifications. MyHome even alerts participants to important steps throughout their transaction, so they’re always up to date.

Focusing on products and technology solutions that enhance the customer experience is a differentiator for MyHome, as well as the Williston Financial Group family of companies in general.

Much of the uniqueness of MyHome stems from the process by which the company’s technology subsidiary, WEST, a Williston Financial Group company, develops business solutions and technology products. WEST’s product development process determines how WFG Enterprise Solutions and the rest of the WFG family of companies engage with their customers and consumers.

WFG’s MyHome is sophisticated, but its information assistant and dashboard are both stylish and easy to use. This is the key to engagement in combination with multiple LOS integrations, as it dramatically improves transaction efficiency. The secure online collaboration space that MyHome creates for transaction participants ensures the full exchange of data from the outset with the consumer.

In fact, when the company sends WFG’s MyHome links to consumers to initiate the process, engagement and turnaround times improve dramatically, with data and document upload and subsequent follow-up occurring on the same day. or the next day in most cases. This is a big improvement over the previous process of repeatedly requesting this information over the phone and email, which could take weeks or more.

Going forward, WFG’s MyHome will play a larger and more central role in the evolution of digital closure.

Product overview: WFG’s MyHome automates manual processes to enable proactive communication, data and document collection and sharing, improving the experience for consumers and other participants in real estate transactions.

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